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Doctors are certainly the envy of others, the reason why MBBS is one of the most sought-after courses in the world. In India, the MBBS course is popular not only because of the number of universities but also because of the quality of education it provides. It goes without saying that studying MBBS in India is challenging. Let us first start with the basic information about admission to MBBS Courses in India.

MBBS Admission seats are divided into all-India quota and state quota, 15% of the MBBS seats belonging to the all- India quota and 85% to the State Quota wise MBBS Admission Criteria, Counselling, Private Medical College, Government Medical college, Cut-off and NRI Quota Admission state wise all information available.

MBBS Admission in India

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Himachal Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu & Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh

Why NEET UG Exam?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an all-India entrance examination conducted once a year for admission to MBBS. The NEET Undergraduate (UG) is the only entrance exam for admission to all medical institutes across the country, including All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) under the NMC Act, 2019.

All INDIA Medical Science Entrance Exam NEET- National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

In order to secure MBBS Admission in a reputed government college, following are considered

Mbbs Admission India: State wise list of govt & private medical colleges

For MBBS Admission in India The Medical Council of India (MCI) plays an important role in affiliation and regulation of Indian Medical colleges in other words we can say that MCI is responsible for regulating medical education in India. As of November 2023, there are 706 medical colleges in India, with a total of 108915 MBBS seats(including AIIMS & JIPMER) Of these, 389 colleges are government-run, with 56300 seats, and 317 colleges are privately run, with 52615 seats. In addition to the MCI-approved colleges, there are two institutions of national importance:
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS): AIIMS has 20 campuses in Delhi, Jodhpur, Patna, Bhopal, Raipur, and Rishikesh etc. Together, they offer 2069 MBBS seats.
  • Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER): JIPMER is located in Puducherry and offers 243 MBBS seats.
The MBBS admission process for medical colleges in India is centralized and is conducted through the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). NEET is a single-window entrance exam for admission to all medical colleges in India, including AIIMS and JIPMER.
SN States MBBS
Govt Private Total
Colleges Seats Colleges Seats Colleges Seats
1 Andaman Nicobar Islands 1 114 0 0 1 114
2 Andhra Pradesh 18 3235 19 3250 37 6485
3 Arunachal Pradesh 1 50 0 0 1 50
4 Assam 13 1550 0 0 13 1550
5 Bihar 13 1615 8 1150 21 2765
6 Chandigarh 1 150 0 0 1 150
7 Chhattisgarh 11 1555 3 450 14 2005
8 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1 177 0 0 1 177
9 Delhi 8 1247 2 250 10 1497
10 Goa 1 180 0 0 1 180
11 Gujarat 23 4250 17 2900 40 7150
12 Haryana 6 835 9 1350 15 2185
13 Himachal Pradesh 7 770 1 150 8 920
14 Jammu & Kashmir 11 1239 1 100 12 1339
15 Jharkhand 7 755 2 250 9 1005
16 Karnataka 24 3750 46 7995 70 11745
17 Kerala 12 1755 21 2900 33 4655
18 Madhya Pradesh 15 2400 12 2400 27 4800
19 Maharashtra 32 5125 36 5720 68 10845
20 Manipur 3 375 1 150 4 525
21 Meghalaya 1 50 0 0 1 50
22 Mizoram 1 100 0 0 1 100
23 Nagaland 1 100 0 0 1 100
24 Odisha 12 1675 5 850 17 2525
25 Pondicherry 2 380 7 1450 9 1830
26 Punjab 5 850 7 950 12 1800
27 Rajasthan 26 3925 9 1650 35 5575
28 Sikkim 0 0 1 150 1 150
29 Tamil Nadu 38 5250 36 6350 74 11600
30 Telangana 28 3890 28 4600 56 8490
31 Tripura 1 125 1 100 2 225
32 Uttar Pradesh 35 4303 33 5600 68 9903
33 Uttarakhand 5 700 3 450 8 1150
34 West Bengal 26 3825 9 1450 35 5275
389 56300 317 52615 706 108915

MBBS Admission India: AIIMS Location & Seat Matrix

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) are the most preferred institutes for MBBS admission in India by NEET aspirants.The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a chain of autonomous public medical colleges and hospitals in India. The institutes are governed by the AIIMS Act, 1956 and operate autonomously under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. As of November 2023, there are 23 AIIMS in India, out of which 20 are functional and the rest are under construction or yet to be operational.There are Total 2069 MBBS seats in 20 AIIMS , Details of all AIIMS including Location and seat matrix as follows:-

State Name Location Seats
AIIMS Andhra Pradesh Mangalagiri, Vijayawada 125
AIIMS Assam Guwahati 50
AIIMS Bihar Patna 125
AIIMS Chattisgarh Raipur 125
AIIMS Delhi New Delhi 132
AIIMS Gujarat Rajkot 50
AIIMS Himachal Pradesh Bilaspur 50
AIIMS Jammu & Kashmir Vijaypur 62
AIIMS Jharkhand Deoghar 125
AIIMS Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 125
AIIMS Maharashtra Nagpur 125
AIIMS Orissa Bhubaneswar 125
AIIMS Punjab Bhatinda 100
AIIMS Rajasthan Jodhpur 125
AIIMS Tamil Nadu Madurai 50
AIIMS Telangana Bibinagar 100
AIIMS Uttarakhand Rishikesh 125
AIIMS Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur 125
AIIMS Uttar Pradesh Rae Bareli 100
AIIMS West Bengal Kalyani, Nadia 125

MBBS Admission India : JIPMER Seat Matrix

The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is an institution of national importance located in Puducherry, India. It is a premier medical college and hospital that offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs.details of MBBS Admission Seats in JIPMER as follows: –
Institute Name Quota Seats
Jipmer Karaikal Internal – Puducherry 16
Jipmer Karaikal Open Seat Quota 45
Jipmer Puducherry Internal – Puducherry 48
Jipmer Puducherry Open Seat Quota 134
Total 243

NEET UG Counselling

NEET UG AIQ Counselling

NEET UG Counselling is conducted by MCC to offer admission under MBBS, BDS and AYUSH courses. MCC is only responsible for counselling of 15% AIQ seats. Counselling is conducted online visit https://mcc.nic.in.

NEET UG State Counselling

Each state government conduct its own NEET UG Counselling process to fulfil the seats in the state medical colleges based on the AIR ranks of the candidates. State level NEET UG counselling for 85% seats is organized separately by the respective state authorities.

NRI Quota MBBS Admission

MBBS Admission in India is the choice of a vast number of students. Indian medical education is governed by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Apart from the 15 per cent All India Quota (AIQ) and 85 per cent State Quota, deemed universities in India offer admission to NRI students under 15 per cent NRI quota reserved by the Medical Council of India. Persons of Indian Origin (POI) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) are included in the NRI Quota. However, it is necessary for them to clear NEET.

NEET Cut-Off

The NEET Cutoff is released every year for all the candidates who appear for NEET and want to pursue MBBS.

NEET 2023 Cutoff

This Section will provide you with the NEET 2023 Announced Cutoff for Gen/SC/ST/OBC. Let’s check the NTA released Cutoff.

CategoryNEET 2023 Cut off PercentileNEET 2023 Cut-off Marks
General/ EWS50th Percentile720 -130
OBC40th Percentile136 -107
SC40th Percentile136 -107
ST40th Percentile136 -107
General/ EWS- PH45th Percentile136 -121
OBC/SC/ST-PH40th Percentile120 -107

NEET 2022 Cutoff

This Section will provide you with the NEET 2022 Announced Cutoff for SC/ST/OBC. Let’s check the NTA released Cutoff.

CategoryNEET 2022 cutoffNEET cut-off marks
UR/EWS50th percentile715-117
OBC40th Percentile116-93
SC40th Percentile116-93
ST40th Percentile116-93
UR / EWS & PH45th Percentile116-105
OBC/SC/ST & PH40th Percentile104-93

MBBS Admission India Process

MBBS Admission India Details

StateCourse DurationTuition FeesInformation
Bihar5.5 Years13 Lac – 15 LacApply Now
Karnataka5.5 Years8 Lac – 10 LacApply Now
Kerala 5.5 Years6 Lac – 8 LacApply Now
Rajasthan 5.5 Years15 Lac – 25 LacApply Now
Uttar Pradesh 5.5 Years11 Lac – 13 LacApply Now
West Bengal5.5 Years14 Lac – 18 LacApply Now
Tamilnadu5.5 Years4 Lac – 25 LacApply Now
Maharashtra5.5 Years7 Lac – 16 LacApply Now
Puducherry5.5 Years4 Lac – 16 LacApply Now

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Top Medical Colleges

MBBS in India v/s MBBS Abroad

Factor MBBS in India MBBS Abroad
Cost Generally Costly Generally more affordable, especially in countries like Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine
Admission Very competitive, students must score high on NEET Generally less competitive, some universities offer direct admission without any entrance exam
Education quality Varies widely, but some of the top medical colleges in India are among the best in the world Varies depending on the country and university, but many medical universities abroad are recognized by WHO and offer high-quality education
Clinical exposure Typically more clinical exposure May not be as extensive as in India, students may need to travel to different hospitals for clinical rotations
Career opportunities Good career opportunities. Graduates from top medical universities abroad may have an advantage in terms of global exposure and job prospects.
MCI/FMGE Not required if you graduate from a medical college approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) Required for Indian students who graduate from medical colleges abroad
Other factors to consider No Language barrier, No cultural differences, support system Language barrier, cultural differences, support system

Eligibility & Documentation

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in India:-

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in India:-