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Italy Map

Italy is a country located in Southwestern Europe, on the Apennine Peninsula. The country is surrounded by Islands stretching southwards to the coasts of North Africa. Rome is the capital of Italy which is one of the oldest cities of the country offering great monuments, industrial & fashion centers, literature, music & arts etc. There are around 1500 lakes in Italy.

MBBS in Italy has a remarkable reputation in providing higher medical education due to high education standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. Italy has one of the best medical universities recognized by the world’s major organizations which includes WHO, NMC & UNESCO.If you are looking for a country other than India that can offer an affordable MBBS course, UZBEKISTAN can be one of them.

Italy at a Glance

Advantages of Doing MBBS from Italy

If you wishes to pursue MBBS from ITALY some of key benefits  are

Affordable and Reasonable Tuition Fee

The best thing about pursuing MBBS from ITALY  is a reasonable ITALY Medical College Tuition Fees.

Easy Admission Process

Getting admission in ITALY is very easy and simple. Students are not supposed to give any type of donation to get admission the best MBBS universities in ITALY.

No Language Problem

The medium of teaching in most of the ITALY universities in English. Therefore, students need not worry that they will have to learn ITALY language in order to study MBBS in ITALY.

Course Duration Just Similar to India

The duration of course in ITALY is 6 years which includes 5 years of MBBS and 1 year of internship.


Crime rate in ITALY is very low. Therefore, students need not have any safety concerns as the country is safe for the students.

Good Accommodation

Living standard in ITALY is comparatively higher than India.

Globally Recognized Universities

Universities of ITALY are globally recognized by International competent Bodies and Organizations such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization.

Best Infrastructure

The infrastructure of ITALY universities matches international standards. The labs are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Students will get a chance to practice medicine in Government hospitals.

Comprehensive Syllabus

The syllabus designed for MBBS in ITALY is very detailed and is accepted across the world. A wide range of opportunities and clinical exposure is provided in multispecialty hospitals.

Best MBBS Universities of Italy

Eligibility & Documents

Eligibility criteria :-
1. The candidate must have scored at least 50 percent marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th from a renowned Indian board.
2. The student must be 17 years of age
3. The student must have completed 12th form a government-approved education board
4. Students must have scored at least 50 % in class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their main subjects.
5. The student must have completed 12th form a government-approved education board
6. Candidate should have a medical examination certificate

Documents Required For Visa:-
1. A valid passport
2. Passport size photograph
3. A complete VISA application form
4. Admission letter from the university
5. A Health Check-up form
Documents To Be Submitted Before Enrollment:-
1. Health and Travel Insurance
2. A valid passport and VISA
3. Birth Certificate (in the English Language)
4. Six months bank statement of parents/guardian
5. A letter of authorisation
6. A no-objection certificate
7. A sponsor letter
8. Six passport size photographs with white background


MBBS Admission