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Key Cities: Bishkek, Osh, Tokmok, Karakol

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    Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: About Country, Advantages, Top Colleges, Eligibility & Documents 2024-25

    Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyz Republic is a Central Asian landlocked country. The mountainous terrain of the country has helped it protect it’s 2000 years old culture. A word-class infrastructure offered by the KYRGYZSTAN Universities and the faculties are highly experienced so It’s always a wise decision to pursue MBBS in KYRGYZSTAN for Indian students. The quality of education provided by the top MBBS colleges in Kyrgyzstan meet the international standards and can be compared to the education provided by developed nations such as UK, USA and European Countries. If you are looking for a country other than India that can offer an affordable MBBS course, KYRGYZSTAN can be one of them.

    MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: Table of Content

    MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at a Glance

    Population Approx. ~ 60 lakhs
    Language Russian and Kyrgyz
    Religion Islam (majority), Buddhism, Christanity
    Currency Kyrgyzstani som
    Climate Continental
    Exchange Rate 1 Kyrgystani Som equals to 1.02 Indian Rupee

    Advantages of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

    1. Affordable and Reasonable Tuition Fee: The tuition fee in Kyrgyzstan is affordable and economical as compared to the fee of private universities and colleges in India.
    2. No Entrance Exam: Students are not required to give any entrance exam to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. They just need to have the basic qualifications as required.
    3. Globally Recognized Universities: The best medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized by international institutions such as WHO, UNESCO and MCI.
    4. No Extra Exam: It is not mandatory for the Students to give and clear additional exam such as TOEFL or IELTS to get admission into Kyrgyzstan Universities.
    5. Safe: Crime rate in Kyrgyzstan is very low, making it absolutely safe for the students.
    6. Economical: When compared to countries such as the USA and UK living in Kyrgyzstan is quite economical.
    7. Ideal Faculty to Student Ratio: The ratio of Faculty to students is low, which allows every teacher to give proper attention to students.
    8. Easy Admission Process: Getting admission in Kyrgyzstan is very easy and simple. Students are not supposed to give any type of donation to get admission the best MBBS universities in Kyrgyzstan.
    9. English As The Medium Of Study: Indian students need not learn a whole new language as the course in Kyrgyzstani universities is taught in English.
    10. Indian Food: Indian food is available in the university.

    Best Kyrgyzstan MBBS Universities

    MBBS In Kyrgyzstan - Eligibility & Documents

    Eligibility criteria :-

    1. The candidate must have scored at least 50 percent marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th from a renowned Indian board.
    2. The student must be 17 years of age
    3. The student must have completed 12th form a government-approved education board
    4. Candidate should have a medical examination certificate

    Documents Required For Visa:-

    1. A valid passport
    2. Passport size photograph
    3. A complete VISA application form
    4. Admission letter from the university
    5. A Health Check-up form

    Documents To Be Submitted Before Enrollment:-

    1. Health and Travel Insurance
    2. A valid passport and VISA
    3. Birth Certificate (in the English Language)
    4. Six months bank statement of parents/guardian
    5. A letter of authorisation
    6. A no-objection certificate
    7. A sponsor letter
    8. Six passport size photographs with white background

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